Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before these handmade hearts were swept into a plastic bag to be carried off to my nib's classroom for distribution on Friday, I took a quick shot of his heap, each card in a combination of colors he had deemed to be perfect for that kid and with a chocolate heart stuck to each middle. As it so often goes, in the end, there were more chocolates than valentines. Darn those bags of 20 when there are 27 cards to be made. You just know it's deliberate. I took it upon myself to dispense with the excess. 

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  1. Ah, the hearts, the list of classmates. The fussing, and the anticipation! I'm back in elementary school... Help! Let me out of here!

    You're a natural, Linda! Artful photography, engaging posts, laced with your ever-present humor.

    You'll want to change your archiving settings if you are going to post biweekly -- your home page shows no posts today.